We Believe In Deliciousness

We believe in sharing good olive oil with friends; inviting those friends and family to experience what we do, live as we live, enjoying olive oil everyday.

We believe that the land and its fruit should be treated with respect, sustaining us as it has for decades.

We believe in big flavors and good quality and for always striving for something better, to provide the best tasting and highest quality extra virgin olive oil that we can to as many people as possible.

Ultimately, we believe olive oil is cool, and we're privileged to be working with it.

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We Believe In Community

Lucero Olive Oil developed a "Gallon for You, a Future for Others" in 2014 to give back to our community.  We set aside $5 of every gallon jug of Five Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil purchased for local youth oriented agricultural programs.  Monies in 2014 were used to defray expenses related to milling olive oil for Hamilton City High School’s olive oil program, and in 2015 we made donations to Corning 4-H and Olive 4-H in celebration of National 4-H week.  Farmers are our future, and we’re glad to help them on their way.


We Believe in Supporting our Troops!

Each November and May Lucero Olive Oil is committed to giving back to America’s military veterans.  A disproportionate number of those who serve come from rural communities, so we’re dedicating $5 from each purchase made of our large bottle of Five Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Veteran Farmer Coalition, and a 501c whose mission is to mobilize returning veterans to feed America.  Find out more about the vision, mission and goals of the VFC here.

Click here for an update for the American Heroes Charity Challenge.