Deluxe Chocolate Olive Oil

New bottle, same olive oil that you love. First introduced in 2010, our Deluxe Chocolate Olive Oil has been given a package upgrade worthy of the contents! Extra Virgin Olive Oil is transformed into an unexpected chocolate delight when we add natural chocolate flavoring. We start with a mild EVOO from the current harvest year and adjust flavoring for just the right balance in small batch production. Enjoy it as an ingredient in your favorite baked goods or poured over quick breads, cakes, pancakes or waffles. We love it over vanilla ice cream, and some friends like to use it with stewed meat or BBQ to add depth and nuance to a recipe.

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Deluxe Chocolate Olive Oil is made of 100% extra virgin olive oil with natural chocolate flavoring. 500 ml gift bottle, hand corked and sealed. Kof-K Kosher certified.


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