Don Carlo Single Variety EVOO

Don Carlo is a new cultivar developed in Italy at the turn of this century.
Related to Frantoio, it takes from its progenitor a very floral nature.

Although late ripening (we harvest this fruit last each season), the result
is an oil with a floral aroma, vibrant green flavor, exuberant piney bitterness,
and unabashed finish. Pairs wells with EuroPeach Balsamic Vinegar

Sizes available: 375 ml: Bottle dimensions: H: 9.5", W: 2.5"

We’re pleased to share this distinctive olive oil with you. It's spectacular.

• 2018 Gold Award, Terra Olivo, Israel
• 2018 Silver Award, EVO IOOC, Italy

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From 1980 to 2005 Professor Giuseppe Fontanazza worked to create
"a 100% Italian" olive which would be delicious, productive, and could be
planted in the modern style. His final cultivar he trademarked "Favolosa"
and around the same time he released "Don Carlo".

Several rows of Don Carlo olive trees are planted amongst our Favolosa
trees to enhance pollination, and the oil produced, while very limited in
availability, is so lovely that we have commissioned a special bottling.

We spoke to the nurseryman, Umberto, who works with the Professor and
asked if there was anything he'd like to share about the olives. Umberto says,
Once he told me that Favolosa is the Queen and Don Carlo is the King,
and I was able to confirm that he was right at least in the genders; Favolosa:
beautiful in its appearance and in its fruit, suave, gentle in the way it handles
itself, very giving; Don Carlo: Tough like a rock, dark in color and very compact
with a fruit that is as hard as an almond shell and an oil stronger than Coratina
He selected these varieties out of hundreds he had developed, because they
are special and he loves them very much.”

We hope you can try Don Carlo, and even if you don't, now you know why we
added a crown to the bottle in honor of Professor Fontanazza's "King".

Update 4/27/18: our Taste Panel reviewed this oil again yesterday and can tell
you that Don Carlo continues to surprise and delight. The jasmine and almond
blossom aroma so distinctive in December and January are softer now and
perhaps more reminiscent of roses-- either way, Don Carlo leads with a truly
floral aroma. Enjoy!


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