Deluxe Olio Novello


Our Deluxe Olio Novello, also known by some as Olio Nuovo, is a newly harvested, unfiltered, complex, and robust-intensity extra virgin olive oil. Early each harvest year we specially select and blend enough oil for 1,200 hand-filled, hand-numbered, limited edition bottles.

We changed the copy on the back of this year's bottle, and now regret it. We used to say "Enjoy by Valentine's Day, use by Tax Day", however removed the reference to Tax Day this time, and that has raised questions from a few of you. You can trust this oil's longevity! It is robust and will certainly last well beyond Feb 14. That said, don't save it -- please make sure to enjoy it if you have it, and if you're one of the fortunate few who purchases one of the very few bottles left now, you can feel confident that you're receiving a fresh and delicious EVOO. Read more about it in the detail section below!

750 ml gift bottle with letterpress hang tag. 50 Servings.

Bottle dimensions H:12", W: 3.5"

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Each harvest our taste panel eagerly samples the first oils of the year by micro-lot to select one or more superior examples to represent our Deluxe Olio Novello. Much like the tradition of enjoying Beaujolais Nouveau in November, Olio Novello celebrates the new harvest with extra virgin olive oil which has not been filtered or racked of sediment. This 750 ml bottle makes a bold and handsome gift or statement for your holiday table. We hand finish each one with a wooden topped cork, a paper seal which is hand numbered, and a gift tag with product information and provenance.

[Nov 12 Update] CONTENT & TASTING NOTES: This year's Limited Edition Deluxe Olio Novello is made with hand harvested Coratina, Picual, and Frantoio olives milled within the past few days. We had intended this oil to be made from 100% Italian varieties, however the Picual was so impressive we included this Spanish cultivar, too. It is a more robust intensity oil than we've offered in the past. The aroma is a persistent leafy green from the Picual, the flavor is subtly ripe and floral from the Frantoio yet very astringent and somewhat bitter from the Coratina, and the finish is decidedly green apple with even more green apple which lingers, again due to the power of the Coratina. We milled a very green batch of Coratina olives yesterday and selected oil from that lot as the anchor or base note to this special blend. Here is a culinary insight to enhance your appreciation: robust green oils are best enjoyed with a pinch of salt, which reduces the sensation of bitterness. Shipping starts Tuesday, November 13th.

[Nov 08 Update] We're delighted to announce that the blend for 2018 will be finalized Monday 11/12. We will reveal the varieties that were selected and publish the tasting notes that afternoon. The first bottles of Olio Novello will start shipping Tuesday, 11/13.

[Nov 05 Update] We've milled three varieties so far into 9 micro-lots and selected one strong contender for either a single variety Deluxe Olio Novello or perhaps one of the components. This week we're milling a few more varieties and will do a final tasting and bottling Friday or Monday in time for B2B gifts or your Thanksgiving table. Tasting Notes to follow soon!

[Oct 30 Update] We started harvest in our Taggiasca block on October 30th this year and are looking forward to selecting one or two other varieties to blend into the final 2018 formulation. Tasting notes and release date will follow very soon! We aim to have this ready in time to make your Thanksgiving table via regular ground service. Stay tuned!

If you do not already own one, may we recommend purchasing a pourer for this item? This is a hand-filled bottle, so it does not come with a pour spout insert the way our everyday EVOOs do. The flanged silicone base of our weighted pourer, sold separately, fits all handfilled bottles that we carry and features a self opening and closing design which enables drip-free pouring.

Glide Weighted Pourer

Limited Availability! Only 1,200 bottles will be produced.

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