Za'atar Herb Blend

Flown directly from the Galilee.

Size: 1.8 oz / 51.0 grams , jar dimensions-H: 3", W: 2.5".

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Za'atar is the Arabic name for the perennial herb Origanum syriacum, also called
wild thyme, hyssop (as appears in the Bible) or it is sometimes referred to as
Lebanese oregano. It was once gathered in the wild, however due to increased
interest in the herb, it is now cultivated, too.

The Nahle family is a grower, procurer, and processor of herbs from Ilabun and
Mg’ar villages about 12 miles northeast of Nazareth in the Western Galilee.
They are the provider of the traditional, authentic, high-quality za’atar which is
the main ingredient in our za’atar herb blend. The za’atar grows,and its leaves are

Fresh za’atar is delicate and soft, and can be sprinkled on salads for a strong herbal
flavor, however most folk can only enjoy the dried version as is found in
traditional herb blends.

Our supplier, Sindyanna of Galilee, uses dried za’atar from the Nahle family which
is ground and mixed with toasted sesame seeds, local sumac made from
berries that are dried and crushed into a coarse powder, olive oil, and sea salt
to create this traditional Za’atar Herb Blend. You’ll sometimes see US companies
.substitute regular thyme for za’atar and substitute lemon zest for sumac, however that
is not strictly authentic. We are pleased to offer a za'atar that is authentic!

Ingredients: dried za'atar leaves, sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil, and sea salt.
1.8 oz / 51.0 grams.


Customer Reviews (2)

The real thingReview by Benjamin S.
I started using this last year, and am now on my third jar. We mostly use it with chicken, sometimes lamb, dredging the meat with it and a tiny bit of flour and sautéing in extra virgin olive oil (Lucero, of course). Last month I tried something new and drizzled the Balsamic Vinegar Glaze on the meat and let it caramelize on both sides. It was really tasty. Highly recommend this. As the other reviewer says, this is the real thing. (Posted on 1/28/2018)
Lucero Za'atar is Superior!Review by Hannah
The description is totally accurate. I've eaten and shopped for Za'atar all my life and ended up trying whatever I could find on the web and I finally found the best. I took some Traditional Red Balsamic and Lucero Woodson Blend and drenched a whole cut up chicken into a deep pot, I added several Tbsps. of Za'atar and cooked the chicken dutch oven style for about one hour. The house was fragrant! Best part-people raved about the chicken and the next day the spices were EVEN richer. Easiest, tastienst dinner I've ever made.Nothing like the Thyme we know in the USA.... (Posted on 1/9/2018)

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