Chico Honey - Montana Sweet Clover 12oz

Montana Farmers plant sweet clover for livestock and to naturally feed the
soil in their fields. Between May and September, when plants bloom Chico
Honey hives are enveloped in a sea of fragrant yellow clover flowers meeting
the blue Montana skies at their horizson.

That ocean of flowers is alive with bees busily gathering nectar from flower
to flower, to create Chico Montana Sweet Clover honey.

This “single source” honey is a pale amber color and delicate with a lightly
floral flavor, filled with delicious notes of shortbread and intense, luscious
sweetness in a 12oz. glass jar-H: 4", W: 3".

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This classic honey is ideal for stirring into tea, spreading on toast or making
a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It also enriches salad dressings or
grilled fruits, especially peaches.


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