Chico Honey - California Wildflower 12oz

We chose Chico Honey because local beekeepers place hives at different elevations for their bee to find nectar and pollen from a nice mix of both valley and mountain flowers. Honey in this mix comes from one or more of the following: purple vetch, yellow star thistle, white sweet clover, alfalfa, and manzanita -- and of course the bees are free to forage other native plants as well.

Our orchards are in the most Northern part of California where the valley is warm and surrounded by mountain forests. Since the climate is temperate, there's always something blooming

Nature has a way of favoring different flowers year to year, and that means this honey not only captures the essence of Northern California -- It recalls a moment in time, too.

Size: 12oz glass jar H: 4", W: 3"

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Mellow and golden, this honey has a flavor that's complex yet smooth.
Fruit and floral overtones mingle with notes of fresh grass and sun-dried
hay, layered over a sweetness that's rich but not overpowering.

Equally well-suited to sweet or savory dishes, this honey is delicious
slathered on baked goods, and excellent on a cheese plate, ribboned
over goat cheese, blue or brie. We found Chico Honey is delightful in
drinks from tea and coffee to fruity cocktails and hot toddies. Remember
to try it as a key component in a classic vinaigrette!


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