Olio Novello & Bianco BV 2x500 Gift Box

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Our Black Label Olio Novello is 70% Picual harvested and milled on 11/02 and 30% Coratina harvested and milled on 11/10. It is a bold, green tasting oil pungent with pronounced bitterness. We chose Picual for its persistent leafy green aroma and robust tomato leaf finish. The Coratina adds a dimension of bitterness along with strong green apple astringency and pungency. This Olio Novello pairs very well with most food. Bitterness can be diminished by adding a bit of salt.

We've included Bianco, our classic white balsamic vinegar condiment from Modena, made from Trebbiano, Albana, and Montuni grapes grown in both Modena and Emilia-Romagna, Italy. In contrast to our red and rosé vinegar production, grape skins and seeds are removed immediately at pressing to retain a light color. The juice is concentrated while cooking for a sweet-tart and crisp character.

Serving Suggestion: When used with your vinaigrette recipe, we recommend a 2:1 ratio of oil to vinegar for this collection rather than the more traditional 3:1 ratio due to the robust character of the oil.

Bottle dimensions- 500 ml-H:11", W:2.5"

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The oil in this gift is the newest extra virgin olive oil of the season, harvested, milled, blended, and then bottled without filtration. You'll find this oil supremely fresh. Remember that olive flavor may vary year to year depending on conditions during growing, harvesting and milling, even if the same variety is used. More specifically, Olio Novello may vary significantly year to year for another reason because we select the most premium lots of oil, regardless of variety. This year's olive oil, with its basis in green Coratina, is a stronger flavor than some of the selections we may have made in the past. Used on bland or mild food, such as mashed potatoes, crusty bread, white beans, etc., often proves to be the perfect foil, especially if a pinch of good salt is introduced, which will diminish the sensation of bitterness. Also, all oils change quite a bit in the early weeks. If this oil is a bit strong for your liking in mid November, you'll find a different experience a few weeks later. This is a robust new oil paired with a sweet and light vinegar.

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