Deluxe Olio Novello

Our Deluxe Olio Novello, also known as "Olio Nuovo" is a complex and robust flavored new olive oil in a deluxe gift. Each year we provide only 1,500 hand numbered bottles of this delicious olive oil. Order online today and enjoy!

Bummer! We are sold out but don't worry. We are working to bring you a superbly fresh batch and our Deluxe Olio Novello will be back in stock after the Harvest 2017. Want to get on the waiting list? Add contact us with your email address and we'll send word once this year's harvest is in!

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Each harvest our taste panel eagerly samples the first oils of the year by micro-lot to select one or more superior examples to represent our Olio Novello. Much like the tradition of enjoying Beaujolais Nouveau in November, Olio Novello celebrates the new harvest with extra virgin olive oil which has not been filtered or racked of sediment.

You might notice the profile is robust and has a complex flavor, that is because without racking, some of the olive particles are still in the bottle. 

The 750 ml bottle makes a bold and handsome gift or statement for your holiday table. We hand finish each one with a wooden topped cork, a paper seal which is hand numbered, and a gift tag with product information and provenance.

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