Za'atar Shakshouka Egg Dish

December 13, 2017



I was in Israel to meet with someone who would eventually become

Lucero's za’atar herb blend producer when I discovered this dish.


We rose at dawn in Haifa and drove southeast.  There was time for

coffee and breakfast before crossing the border to Nablus to

learn about making olive oil soap. We were in a cafe' in a modest

shopping area in a modest suburb when I saw something on

the menu called shakshouka.  Intrigued, I asked about it the waiter

told me I’d love it. I ordered it, and I did.


Although it's a breakfast food in the middle east and North Africa,

where it originated,  The New York Times calls shakshouka the

“apex of eggs-for-dinner”  You might know it as “eggs in purgatory”

made by poaching eggs in tomatoes, peppers and onion.


Here’s a recipe from our friend Cheryl.  You can make it at home using

our Barnea Extra Virgin Olive Oil — a modern Israeli olive variety we

grow in Corning — along with the za’atar herb blend we source from

Sindyanna of Galilee twice a year.


Enjoy in good health!


Serves 3-4  people


1 onion

1 yellow bell pepper

1  fresh tomato

1 red chili pepper

2 or 3 cloves garlic

4-5 sprigs fresh parsley

5 Tbsp. Barnea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 cup chopped (canned) tomatoes or over-ripe drained fresh

1 tsp. sweet paprika

1 Tbsp or more to taste Lucero Za’atar Herb Blend

(This za'atar has full flavor- no need to over season)

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. English Flake Sea Salt

4 eggs



Dice all the vegetables. Use an oven safe skillet


1-  Sauté the onion in the oil until translucent. Add the yellow

pepper,  chili pepper, garlic, fresh tomato and canned tomatoes.

Add the paprika, cumin, turmeric, and salt, and simmer until

vegetables cook enough  to mingle flavors. ( about 12 minutes)


2-  Drop the eggs into the tomato mixture and cook until eggs

are just set.  Finish cooking in a 350 degree F oven if y areou like

until the eggs more set.


3-   Garnish with fresh parsley and feta cheese. Serve with pita

or flatbread or toasted baguette slices and set a small bowl of

 Lucero Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the table for dipping.

*Add some Za'atar to your dipping oil and let it steep before




Taste Notes: Woodson Blend: Green Label-Bold

Barnea Single Variety :  Yellow Green Label-Medium

Authentic out of focus travel photo somewhere outside of Haifa




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