BBQ Pizza

June 21, 2012

Congratulations again to Joyce Siemens, winner of our recipe contest. The inspiration behind the recipe submitted was fresh ingredients and vegetables.  Joyce created a remarkable BBQ Pizza using Lucero Olive Oil.

BBQ Pizza


BBQ Pizza

Lucero Olive Oil (your choice)
Premade pizza dough
Crushed tomatoes
Fresh Basil
Fresh Spinach
Yellow Peppers
Mozzarella Cheese
Corn Meal

1. Start by putting some Lucero Olive Oil (your choice) on the dough, and then add crushed tomatoes, basil, spinach, yellow peppers, and Mozzarella cheese.

2. Place the pizza stone on the barbeque grill and sprinkle cornmeal on the stone.

3. Slide the pizza on the stone and cook away.

Thank you Joyce for this wonderful pizza, we love that it incorporates so many fresh veggies. Plus, the colors look amazing!

The secret to grilling pizza

“Jamie Purviance, author of Weber's Way to Grill, taught us this trick for getting pizza on the grill.

  • Pat out the dough on an oiled sheet of parchment paper.
  • Flip the dough onto the grill.
  • Pull off the parchment paper and let the crust cook.” –courtesy of Sunset Magazine

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