Lucero Traditional Sirloin Steak

October 5, 2011




¼ cup Lucero Traditional Basamic Vinegar

½ cup Lucero Favoloso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 garlic clove-mashed

freshly gound pepper

coarse sea salt

4 sirloin steaks



1-  Rinse steaks under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.

Trim excess fat from edges of meat.


2-  Pierce Steak with fork to enable marinated to penetrate meat

during marinating.


3-  In resealable plastic bag pour in Lucero’s Traditional Balsamic

Vinegar and Lucero Favoloso Olive Oil.


4-  Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, set aside. Remove one garlic clove

from bulb and peel, removing all outer skin from clove.


5-  Mince clove with knife or garlic press, add to balsamic vinegar

and olive oil mixture.


6-  Add freshly ground black pepper and coarse sea salt to

marinade mixture. Seal bag and mix all ingredients together by

moving liquid around bag.


5-  Submerge sirloin steaks ,completely coat in marinade.

Place in refrigerator,for 4-6 hours. Turn bag every two hours to

evenly flavor meat.


6-  Broil, grill or pan fry steaks- Rare-Internal Temperature 120

to 130 degrees F  ( 5 to 6 minutes per 1" steak ) or

med rare- Internal Temp130 to 135 degrees F. 

( 6 to 8 minutes)


Taste Note: Favolosa is Lucero Purple Label: Mild-Delicate


From the Lucero Kitchen



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