Lucero Olympic Fruit Salad

August 7, 2012


Inspired by the Olympic diving events we created this mouth-
"water"ing fruit salad. It's sure to make a splash with friends .
(okay ,we’re done…)





1 whole seedless watermelon




mango or pineapple

kiwi or green grapes




1-  Scoop out carve the watermelon bowl then dice the inside fruit.

2-  Slice all the fruit and place it back inside the hollow watermelon.

3-  Drizzle Lucero Strawberry Red Balsamic Vinegar , mix it in.

4- Chill or serve immediately.


You can use whatever fruit you'd like, we just were inspired by the

red, yellow green, blue and black colors of the Olympic Games


* Lucero Strawberry Red Balsamic Vinegar is available
in the Lucero store in Corning, Ca, or by phone order.




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