How to Bake with Olive Oil

April 2, 2013

Easily replace butter or vegetable oil in all your baking!


Olive oil is THE traditional favorite in Mediterranean kitchens.

Extra virgin olive oil provides rich moistness and exceptional

depth of flavor along with a supply a healthy fats and helpful

antioxidants called polyphenols, including Vitamin E.


Succeeding with olive oil is easy once you understand the basics.

Simply substitue Extra Virgin Olive Oil for vegetable oil in equal

measure, and use three-fourths the amount of olive oil as butter.

For example: to replace ¼ cup melted butter, use 3 Tbs. extra

virgin olive oil.



Each olive oil has a unique flavor
ranging from delicate to intense.


Decide whether you want a mild or robust flavor in your baked

delicacies beforehand.


Use a mild olive oil with buttery or fruity flavors rather than an

intense, peppery choice for baking sweets and desserts.


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The recipe for the lovely cupcakes pictured above can be found

here : Blackberry Wine & Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes














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