Cucumber Rosato Gazpacho

May 7, 2018

Be Cool as a cucumber with this Cucumber Rosato Gazpacho


The traditional Andalusian Gazpacho is ancient, with attribution going

to the Romans in Spain and Portugal in the Way Back times.


There are many modern variations on the basic cold soup of bread,

olive oil, vinegar, water, and garlic.  Here's our contribution, which we

think would make a refreshing starter or intermezzo for a spring

or summer meal -- perhaps for Mother's Day?


We've omitted the bread for a lighter touch, however if you're a

traditionalist, a few croutons on the top would give your diners a

pleasant, crunchy contrast to this cool, smooth, soup






*If you prefer, you can substitute other green herbs for  parsley

such as basil or cilantro.  Mint would be very refreshing, too.




Note:  We recommend using a blender if you have one.  if you

use an immersion blender you may need an assistant to help

add the oil.


1-  Purée the cucumbers, water, and garlic until smooth. Add

arugula, herbs, Rosato vinegar, Maldon salt, and purée further

until smooth again.


2-  Add  Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a slow stream while blending

until the mixture has emulsified. Continue to add oil and/or

water to reach a consistency and flavor which pleases you.


3-  Season with additional Rosato Vinegar and/or Maldon salt

to  achieve a good balance.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  because you'll

be  serving this soup cold, you must season the flavors to be

more salty and acidic at room temperature -- that said, you can

always adjust one more time prior to serving, so take care, don't

over do it.


4-  Chill in a covered container for at least 4 hours, however try

to serve between 4 to 8 hours after preparation. Serve in chilled

bowls or glasses.


Garnish with your choice of toasted garlic, fresh herbs, a bit of

pepper, or (with a nod to the Romans, a few croutons).





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