Black Butte Triathlon Recap

June 17, 2012

On the windiest weekend yet, over 400 Black Butte Triathlon racers set out to conquer one of the most exhilarating and attractive courses that Northern California has to offer, at the 2nd Annual Black Butte Triathlon, with an outstanding weekendof competition.  Saturday consisted of the Mt. bike Sprint Race: 800m swim / 20km bike/ 5 km trail run, and the Mt. bike Olympic distance, 1.5 km swim / 40km bike/ 10km trail run. Whereas Sunday was the Sprint road triathlon which consisted of an 800m swim / 20km bike/ 5 km trail run, and the Olympic distance race: 1.5 km swim / 40km bike/ 10km trail run.

And if you missed the event, we had many of the racers compete dressed in their favorite 80’s gear. That’s right, racers dug to the back of the closet for this one! These racers later participated in a dance off to win their weight in Lucero Olive Oil. As the title sponsor, Lucero announced two grand prize winners, Greg Feyereisn and Laura Dervoort, and two runner-ups who each won a case of Lucero Olive Oil. It was a phenomenal weekend out there and it was awesome to see participants of all ages.

Check out some of the highlights below and on our YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “Black Butte Triathlon Recap”


  • Transito

    6:23 am ON July 20, 2012

    YEAH WINNIE! I am so glad that you are taking such great care of your feet! You can not prreofm without the stability and structure of a great shoe! I am so glad that you dedicated your win to Jerry Lee. He made sure that your shoes worked with and supported you! Now go ice ice baby! With much love, Renee'

  • Tim

    6:27 am ON July 2, 2013

    Which would you add first, running or swmmiing? Actually I am thinking of adding some better core work first with some exercises to balance the bike training. Then some running when the weather starts to cool off. Last some swmmiing as the days grow short (I have access to an indoor pool). Then ramp it all up next spring for a sprint tri.

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