6 Ways to Fry Baby Fry!

October 23, 2017

Frying With Extra Virgin Olive Oil - A Healthy Habit!


Most of us worry about deep fried fats, however, the main  fat in

olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), which also contains

oleic acid. Your doctor will tell you that this kind of dietary fat

 is not only necessary for you to maintain health, but will 

encourage you to replace the saturated and trans fats with fats

such as found in extra virgin olive oil.


Flavor Notes And Natural Benefits of Olive OIl


Extra virgin olive oil contains compounds responsible for the pungent 

flavor as well as containing powerful anti-oxidants like  tyrosol phenolic

compounds, oleuropeinand oleocanthal and its derivative, hydroxtyrosol .


The question at this point is whether we can still deep fry our foods

and retain the healthy benefits of the oil we use.


Quality Olive Oil and The Right Frying Temperature


Modern research shows that frying in EVOO will imbue your food

with  antioxidants and the only caution for you is to use fresh,

authentic oil and the right temperatures to get the benefit.


Fresh extra virgin olive oil's smoke point is typically between 380°F

and 450°F depending on the olive variety, how it was milled, and 

the freshness of the oil. You only need to pre-heat to ~350°F and

maintain to ~325°F for deep frying.


So, feel free to drizzle olive oil directly over your foods or

you can also fry baby fry!


Top:  onion rings Ascolano,   beet chips Taggiasca,  avocado Coratina
Bottom: parsnips Picual, sweet potato Hojiblanca, steak fries Barnea

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