Tom Mueller NPR Interview - Adulterated & Subpar EVOO

December 14, 2011

Hi Olive Oil LOVERS!

There have been comments all over the internet about the Tom Mueller NPR Interview (link).  Adulterated & Subpar Extra Virgin Olive Oil being sold as Extra Virgin is a very BIG issue world-wide, and it has been going on for years!  UC Davis produced a report (read here) last year, which showed that nearly 70% of Extra Virgin Olive Oils on grocery store shelves in California were in fact not Extra Virgin, they were adulterated or did not meet EVOO standards.  Lucero was one that was tested, and showed to be superior quality in this report, and proved to be 100% EVOO.

Lucero Olive Oil LLC, and many other California Olive Oil producers are certified by the COOC, California Olive Oil Council (link), which insures that the olive oil produced, and going into bottles, is in fact 100% Extra Virgin.  Each year of production, the COOC tests all of our oils, using a chemical analysis and a taste test panel of experts to certify that it is the “real deal".  You have to look for the COOC seal on bottle labels (like ours)!


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