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January 31, 2018


The Universal Passion for New Cultivars Among Growers

Growers can't resist creating something new. Each year  enthusiasts from

the American Rose Society create new, more fragrant roses with better

blooms. Today  sources tell us that there are over 360 species of roses.

In fact,  “helpmefind.com/roses” has reported that they've cataloged over

44,000  rose varieties!


Olive farmers are no different than rose-lovers in their quest for new,

interesting flavors and higher yields from new olive varieties and California

olive growers are active in this pursuit. Among the thousands  of olive cultivars

cataloged,  over 75 of those varieties are grown in California . The Crane

family, olive growers of Tehama County  share in that tradition by growing

16  varieties for our Lucero brand, including  both classic “heritage”and

modern varieties.


The History of Prof. Fontanazza's Favolosa Cultivar

This month we’re highlighting Favolosa", one of the world's newer olive

cultivars. ProfessorGiuseppe Fontanazza developed Favolosa from trials

over a period of 25 years (from 1980 to 2005). He used the classic varieties

Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Ascolano Tenera as a starting point.


His aim was to create a 100% “Italian” olive which would be delicious,

productive, and could be trained to create more intensive  hedgerow planting

schemes known as “high density” orchards which are suitable for modern

mechanical harvesting. He succeeded with his cultivar “Guilia”, otherwise

known in the US market by its patented  name, “Favolosa”, which means



We certainly think it's fabulous, therefore, in 2013 we devoted one of our

newer orchards to Favolosa  along with a few rows of “Don Carlo”, a related

species, developed by Professor Fontanazza  in the late 20th century.


Characteristics of Favolosa Olive Fruit


Favolosa olive fruit is mostly round with a very subtle oval shape. It ripens

in mid-harvest season into a wonderful reddish-magenta color which we’ve

selected for our label color, too. It's flavor is typically delicate.


Although we harvested this year’s Favolosa crop mid to late in the season with a

lot of color showing, it didn't present as a delicate intensity olive oil .



Our 2017 Favolosa has an assertive floral, spicy, and green olive aroma with

an artichoke and green flavor and a leafy, slightly bitter finish.


If you're a dedicated “mild/delicate” olive oil consumer, we hope you won’t be

overly concerned about bitterness and pungency. Remember, a bit of salt

always mitigates bitterness (it’s science!).


We have Favolosa at special prices all of February to encourage you to try it. As

a bonus we've  have published six recipes for you to try featuring Favolosa and

we'd love for you to take advantage of this wonderful Valetnines' Day gift

giving opportunity!


Please enjoy, and  let us know what you think in the comments below or in a

product review on the Favolosa page.


Best Regards,

Liz Tagami

General Manager

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