Cooking Channel USA Highlights Lucero Olive Oil

December 22, 2011

December 12, 2011- Dewey Lucero and Lucero Olive Oil will be featured on the Cooking Channel’s Pitchin’In airing December 29, 2011.

The Cooking Channel’s series, Pitchin’In, is hosted by Chef Lynn Crawford. Lynn Crawford is a top Canadian chef who travels the world to experience firsthand how fresh food is grown and processed.  She came to Tehama County to work an olive harvest and see how olive oil is harvested and processed.  Dewey Lucero, his father Bobby, and Grandfather Tony were thrilled to share their experience in producing olive oil with Lynn.  Chef Lynn was an enthusiastic worker who conquered her fear of heights while using an orchard ladder to help pick enough lives to make fresh olive oil.  Chef Lynn then produced a gourmet meal for the Lucero’s and other local enthusiasts, using the oil she helped produce.

Chef Lynn also found time to venture over to New Clairvaux to experience how the Monastery makes its premier wines. It’s going to be an exciting show to savor!

About the Series: Canada’s Top Female Chef, Lynn Crawford is known for creating delicious meals in the kitchen. Chef Lynn’s passion to find the most delicious and freshest ingredients has led her to local farmers markets and directly to farmers. To view her upcoming series visit

One thought on “Cooking Channel USA Highlights Lucero Olive Oil”


  • Judy

    9:31 am ON December 30, 2011

    I did see this series last evening, it was wonderful! I live in the Bay Area, and always on the look out for local vendors, and just found your website.
    I am a believer in olive oil, not only do I cook and bake with olive oil but take a tablespoon a day.
    I have not tried yours' and cannot wait to, and hopefully visit your grove in the near future.
    Hooray for local. Thank you.

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