Mediterranean Chicken Reloude

December 14, 2011



4 each Chicken Breast

2 oz. Goat Cheese

½ cup Chopped Spinach

2 oz. Sun Dried Tomatoes chopped

2 oz. Artichokle Hearts chopped

1 oz. Mixed Olives Chopped (black & green)

2 oz. Lucero Crushed Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

1 tsp. Fresh Chopped Oregano

1 tsp. Fresh Chopped Basil

1 cup seasoned all purpose flour

3 beaten eggs

2 cup Japanese Bread Crumb

Fry Oil



  1. Butterfly chicken breast
  2. In a medium size bowl, combine goat cheese, spinach, tomates, art hearts, olives, oil, and fresh herbs
  3. Divide mixture into 4 equal parts and form into log shapes and place in center of chicken breast
  4. Fold ends of chicken and roll
  5. Place in freezer for 30 minutes
  6. Meanwhile, make standard breading station…
    1. Bowl for flour
    2. Bowl for beaten egg
    3. Bowl for Japanese bread crumb
  7. Once chicken is removed from freezer, take one chicken roll and dredge in flour. Shake excess off and place in egg mixture, coat well and remove with other hand and place into bread crumb bowl, roll around to ensure total coverage and remove with “flour hand: and place on piece of foil.
  8. Repeat for remaining chicken breast rolls
  9. Heat Fryer to 350 degree F

10.  Cook Chicken Reloudes till Golden Brown and remove

11.  Transfer  Reloudes to oven safe baking pan and cook until internal temperature reaches 185 degrees F

12.  Remove from oven and slice on bias 4 to 5 cuts and serve.



Chef Ramon

C.R. Gibbs

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