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  • 5 X Gold Medal Winner

    July 26, 2011

    Lucero Olive Oil receives honors for the 2011 Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition.

    Lucero Olive Oil strikes gold at the 2011 Napa County Fair. The Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition highlights the Napa County Fair’s focus on the culinary bounty of the area and was open to all California producers of extra virgin and flavored olive oils.

    Lucero’s Three Star Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil won "Best of Class"; Sevillano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Miller's Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Crushed Mandarin Orange Olive Oil all won gold.

    “The California Olive Oil Industry has set high standards for quality olive oil and we are proud to be among the top producers in California. Winning Best of Class is an honor,” said Dewey Lucero.

    Lucero products have won 120 statewide and international awards since opening their doors in 2005. Virtually every extra virgin and flavored olive oil offered by Lucero is an award winner.  If you would like to try any of their award winning olive oils stop by the Lucero Mill and retail store for an Olive Oil Tasting and a tour of the Mill.  The Mill and store are located at 2120 Loleta Ave, in Corning, California.  You can also purchase them online as well.

  • Movie at the Mill

    July 19, 2011

    2nd Saturday at the Mill

    Experience a night out at the conclusion of the 2nd
    Saturday at the Mill event series, featuring Movie at the Mill Saturday,
    August 13, 2011, from 6:30-9:30pm.

    Lucero Olive Oil and Slow Foods Shasta Cascade are pleased to present the first movie showing at Lucero Olive Oil’s Mill in Corning, California. The featured movie, Truck Farm, is a documentary about the importance of agriculture and sharing the experience of a rural lifestyle in an urban environment. Witness the inspiration of a single idea that evolved into a fleet of 25 trucks across the nation; “a simple concept with a big impact, Truck Farm”. Do not forget to bring your lawn chairs to this outdoor movie experience.  To learn more about the featured movie visit

    Don’t miss the chance to watch the movie and discover how popcorn tastes with your favorite olive oil drizzled over the top. It’s a treat you won’t want to miss.

    If you want to pass on the movie; come out anyway, there will be plenty to keep you entertained. Chocolate, candied and glazed walnuts from Bianchi Orchards; fresh honey ale, ale and dark ale from Feather River Brewery; mouthwatering tomatoes from Julia’s Fruit Stand; delicious wines from Tehama Oaks Winery; fresh bread from Tin Roof Bakery and grass feed beef from McKenzie Ranch Natural Beef will be available throughout the evening.

    The event series is open to all guests.  The movie, vendor sampling, and popcorn are FREE to attendees.  Wine and beer tickets may be purchased at the event.

    About Event Series: The 2nd Saturday at the Mill event series was developed by Lucero Olive Oil and Slow Foods Shasta Cascade to support sustainable food from local producers. This event series gives you a chance to experience what our community has to offer with friends and family.  Movie at the Mill will conclude a successful first season.  Lucero and Slow Foods Shasta Cascade look forward to continuing and expanding this series in the summer of 2012.

  • Garlic Tenderloin

    July 18, 2011





    1 pound Pork Tenderloin
    2 tsp Garlic powder
    1 tbsp Lucero Garlic Olive Oil
    2 tbsp Little Thief Sweet Garlic Mustard
    1 tsp Salt
    1 tbsp Fresh parsley

    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Sprinkle the salt and garlic powder over the tenderloin. Drizzle
    Lucero Garlic Olive oil over the top. Sprinkle the parsley down the middle. Spread the Little thief Garlic Mustard over the top. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 350F for 25 minutes. Turn the heat down to 300F and keep baking until it’s done (about 20 minutes).

  • Lucero Olive Oil with a Touch of Garlic

    July 18, 2011




    Stop by and see Lucero Olive Oil at the 33rd Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival

    Corning, CA – July 11, 2011 The Lucero Team is back in Gilroy, CA for the 33rd Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.

    Lucero Olive Oil will be back on the famous “Garlic Avenue” July 29, 30, and 31 showcasing their Roasted Garlic Olive Oil. The Gilroy Garlic Festival is anything and everything garlic and Lucero is proud to be a part of this year’s celebration.  Try not to miss the Cook Off from 10am-12pm on Saturday and the Garlic Showdown 12pm-2pm on Sunday.

    Lucero will be offering their full range of products; single varietal, heritage blend and flavored olive oils as well as their traditional and flavored balsamic vinegars.  A selection of table olives and tapenades has been added to the product line this year.  The Lucero team will be delighted to share their favorite product combinations and recipes so be sure to stop by and enjoy samples from the Lucero Line.

    Today, Lucero’s products have won 113 statewide and international awards. Virtually every olive oil offered by Lucero is an award winner. Lucero products are available at, as well as from the Gilroy Garlic Festival July 29, 30, and 31, 2011.

    Four fantastic flavors...NEW to the Gilroy Garlic Festival Mercantile store.

    Produced by Lucero Olive Oil and available at mercantile store at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

  • Updated Award Count for Lucero

    July 11, 2011

    SOFI 1
    GOLD 50
    SILVER 38
    BRONZE 11
    Grand Total Medals 113


  • Meyer Lemon Cupcakes

    July 8, 2011

    Super easy! Just a white box cake mix, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil in place of the oil, Lemon zest added to cake mixture, lemon juice to replace some of the water, homemade lemon butter cream frosting….TA-DA deliciousness!!

    Use Lucero Meyer Lemon Crushed Olive Oil or Mandarin Crushed Olive Oil


    Meyer Lemon Cupcakes1


  • Featured Menu for 2nd Saturday at the Mill

    July 7, 2011

    Meal at the Mill

    Saturday July 9, 2011 – 6:30 to 8:30pm

    Farwood Bar & Grill presents


    Grilled Locally-Made Sausages

    Tom Ball Meats - Orland, Trio of Mustards (Lucero)

    House-made sauerkraut


    Marinated Roast Pork TenderLoin

    Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Marinade and Glaze


    Summer Squash, Tomato, & Feta Gratin

    Yancy’s summer squash & tomatoes,
    Pedrozo Feta, Oregano, & Lucero Ascolano Olive Oil



    Grape tomatoes, Ten Point Farm green
    garlic, Lucero Meyer Lemon olive oil, basil, Pedrozo Feta, & Lucero olives

    Crostini– Lucero Garlic Olive Oil


    Trio of Tapenades

    Lucero: artichoke lemon; roasted tomato;
    and black olive baguettes, bread sticks, & crostini


    Fresh Blueberry Peach Cobbler

    Yancy’s peaches, fresh whipped cream

  • 2nd Saturday at the Mill

    July 1, 2011

    Featuring Meal at the Mill
    Lucero Olive Oil and Shasta Cascade Slow Foods are joining to present “Meal at the Mill” on Saturday, July 9th from 6:30-9:00pm at Lucero Olive Oil’s Mill in Corning. Come and experience a mouth watering appetizer buffet provided by local Orland eatery Farwood Bar and Grill.  Products from Predrozo Cheeses, Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Products, Lucero Olive Oil, and Dakaro Winery will be featured in the delicious appetizer buffet. These local producers will also be sampling and selling their products at the event for you to take home and rediscover.
    The 2nd Saturday at the Mill event series was developed by Lucero Olive Oil to showcase and provide samples of local products while enjoying the company of friends and family. Lucero’s event series shares Slow Foods’ support for sustainable food from local producers.
    The 2nd Saturday at the Mill event series is in its inaugural year and events are scheduled for the second Saturday in June, July and August.  Turri Family Farms, St. John Family Farms, Rosser’s Bakery, Market Street Wine, Dakaro Winery, Farwood Bar and Grill, Pedrozo Cheese, Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Products, Tehama Angus, Tehama Oaks Winery, Bianchi Orchards, Julia’s Fruit Stand, Feather River Brewery, and other local breweries will all be participating in one or more event.
    The event series is open to all guests and vendor sampling is FREE. Appetizer tasting tickets are available at the door, but to purchase your ticket for the appetizer buffet in advance please stop by Lucero Olive Oil’s retail store in Corning, CA or call 530-824-2190 for more information. Tickets are $15 per person and include one beverage.

    For you "local" Facebook "Pick Me" on the Lucero Facebook page to enter a raffle  for our 2nd Saturday at the Mill event. Featuring Meal at the Mill. The winner will receive a complementary tasting ticket for wine or beer at the event. Winner announced on July 6th.

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