2014 Woodson Blend Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Woodson Blend is a bold oil with generous bitterness and pungency blended to be enjoyed with bold flavored food. Use Woodson as a finishing oil with hearty dishes, grilled meats and salads with a lot of flavor. This would be terrific with traditional red sauce over pasta made with abundant garlic and red pepper.
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2014 Woodson Blend Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Miller's Tasting Notes

Spicy grassy-green aroma with hints of apricot. A well-structured oil with abundant pungency and some bitterness. Ripe notes of stone fruit with nutty, buttery, floral and tropical fruit olive oil flavor. Complexity is added with some dry spice notes such as green tea, green herbs, and green olives.


100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Natural, Cold Extracted & Artfully Racked. Made with Gold Medal Winning Olive Oils: Arbequina, Ascolano, Arbosana.
Certified Kosher Kof K