Ascolano Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ascolano olives are a Tuscan mono-varietal that flourish in our Mediterranean climate. 100% hand picked in late November, they are milled within hours of harvesting to ensure the highest level of freshness and quality. 

Hummus with Olive Oil

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Ascolano Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Miller's Tasting Notes

Tropical with hints of peaches, mango and apricot, well balanced fruity flavor with medium intensity and a mild pepper finish. Drizzle over linguini, bruschetta, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled fish, steamed vegetables; or serve with your favorite bread. Pairs well with a bold California Central Coast Zinfandel.


100% Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed, Unfiltered, and Naturally Grown in Corning, California - Certified by the COOC.