California Olive Oil Council

Extra Virgin Olive OilThe California Olive Oil Council (COOC) was founded in 1992. The COOC is a non-profit trade and marketing association, whose purpose is to promote the growing of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil in California. The COOC supports certified extra virgin olive oil standards and provides grower, producer and consumer education.

Through the COOC Seal Certification program, they help everyone from home chefs to restaurants find guaranteed extra virgin olive oils for their kitchen.

Meetings and events, many of them open to the public, focus on a wide range of subjects, from marketing olive oil to managing their orchards.

All Lucero Olive Oil products are made with COOC certified extra virgin olive oils.

Visit the COOC website here.


What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil, characterized by “flawless flavor and odor,” as judged by a certified tasting panel of experts for taste, texture, and aroma. Olives can only go through a single, simple pressing, and not go over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The olive oil must be 100% extra virgin olive oil with nothing added to it.  It must have a maximum acidity (oleic acid) of 0.8g/100g = 0.8%, and a maximum peroxide value of 20 meq 02/kg or less – on an international level.  However, for California, there are even more strict guidelines to being certified “extra virgin” by the COOC, the oil must have less than 0.5% acidity and pass an organoleptic evaluation by a panel of certified tasters.