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Lucero Olive Oil to Exhibit in Tokyo

April 25, 2013

Dewey Lucero of Lucero Olive Oil will join 50 other exhibitors from 15 countries in the 2nd Edition of Olive Japan at Futako Tamagawa Rise in Tokyo at the beginning of Golden Week, on 27-28 April from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm each day.

 Lucero is the American olive oil producer that has earned the most awards over the past five years as well as a recipient of the top Premier Prize in last year’s Olive Japan competition for their 2011 Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  140 extra virgin olive oils from 16 countries competed, but only 32 gold medals were awarded, and of these Lucero ranked in the top five.

 The Lucero family has cultivated olives in Corning, California since 1946, providing good olive oil to friends and family in order to share in the enjoyment of premium olive oil everyday.  Today, Lucero is sold on line, from their catalogs and in their Tasting Room next to the olive mill in Corning and in Portland, Oregon.  Lucero oils and vinegars are also available via nearly 1,000 of the top specialty stores in the United States and Canada, and for discerning customers in Japan.

 "OLIVE JAPAN", organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan is an open-air event that brings olive oil producers and their products together with top Japanese importers, distributors, buyers and consumers providing an excellent opportunity for consumers and the trade to meet high quality, high profile producers directly at the venue. Focus on the consumers is the defining character of this event and the key distinctive feature of OLIVE JAPAN from other competitions and trade shows.

 Futako Tamagawa Rise Complex is an upscale development east of the Futako Tamagawa train station in the Setagaya area of Tokyo.

Bringing California Olive Oil to Japan!

Tada-san, the host of 2012's fabulous event!

Tada-san smelling one of the award winning oils.

Liz Tagami and Dewey enjoying a stroll among the cherry trees blooming.

The tasting table ready to jump into some olive oil tasting with Tom Mueller (Italy), Lisa Roundtree (Australia) and Dewey (USA - California).

Dewey always appreciates some great foam on his cappachino, and this was one of the best!


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