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Three Star Blend Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Lucero Olive Ranch is one of the oldest establishments in the Corning area. First developed in the late 1870s, it was known as the Two Star Ranch. Many years later, after the birth of a third Lucero child, another star was added to the wind vane denoting the newly named Three Star Ranch, thus the name for this Arbequina olive oil.

Arbequina is a newer variety to California, planted in the new style of planting called "Super High Density," where there can be over 700 trees per acre!  Traditionally planted olives are usually 100-300 trees per acre depending on the variety. This new style of planting is revolutionary, because it allows the farmer to harvest mechanically.  Arbequina is planted with two other varieties for pollination: Arbosana & Koroneiki, which there is only 4%-2% planted per volume.

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Three Star Blend Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Miller's Tasting Notes

Fruity round flavor with apples and artichokes, and well rounded finish. Medium intensity. Use generously in everyday cooking, baking, topping fresh salad greens or pastas, and dipping your favorite breads. Pairs well with most wines.


100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed, Unfiltered, and Naturally Grown in Northern California - Certified by the COOC.